Come Rain or Shine Episode 276 The Nike Manifesto

“Many organizations today are focused on whether or not people are following the process. They ask ‘Did you send the report?’ versus ‘what results are you getting?’.”

It is hard to deny the power of leadership and culture on organizational success. During this conversation with Jody Mayberry we discuss the release of a the major movies, Barbie and Oppenheimer, and share our perspectives on their impact.  That leads to a much bigger discussion around the movie “Air” and its reference to a Nike manifesto.

The movie “Air” tells the story of Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike in the 80s, and the groundbreaking decision to create Air Jordans. What caught my attention the most was Phil Knight’s Nike manifesto. This is a set of principles guiding the company’s success. There were a number of key points I pulled from the manifesto. The most notable thing is the authenticity and practicality in which they were created and implemented

In addition to the manifesto, this movie does a fantastic job reiterating the importance of memorable points for team decision-making. Some of the manifesto points include being on the offense all the time and prioritizing perfect results over perfect processes.

Make sure to listen to this episode as we talk about how a powerful manifesto can shape a company’s culture and drive its success. Whether you’re a business leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, the lessons we pull  from Phil Knight’s Nike manifesto are sure to inspire you.

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 Episode Highlights

[00:02:50] Nike’s groundbreaking success with Air Jordans.

[00:03:48] Phil Knight’s manifesto guided company decisions.

[00:07:35] Focus on results, not process; challenge norms.

[00:12:41] Park ranger questions bureaucratic process, tests system.

[00:15:16] “Disney Magic Bands: Battery-powered sensors at auto plaza.”

[00:17:01] Follow rules, live off land, find path

[00:19:49] Deal with mistakes, don’t wait or fear.


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