As the chaos of COVID-19 winds down, many are slowly adjusting to normality. While some are still quarantined, for most, the relational aspects of work are becoming more relevant.

Yet, as this evolution occurs, there’s an essence of empathy we must not forsake. As today’s guest, Tina Berger, explains, people have to engage the vocational community freshly. Unlike a few years ago, the social awareness of 2020 has made premiums out of corporate goals such as active listening and receptivity. Accordingly, integrating these practices into our bottom lines can be the difference between being a good company versus a great one.

Having written “Coming Around: Surprises and Surrender on the Path to Inspiration”, Tina hopes her experiences as an innovator and consultant will inspire readers to embrace human expression in the heart of technological and social change. By creating transparent cultures, an organization can achieve higher levels of success through emotional unification. 


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