Come Rain or Shine podcast Episode 208 The Power of Learning to GiveOn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Jill Donovan, Founder of Rustic Cuff and author of The Kindness Effect, joins the show to discuss her career journey. She shares with us the incredible power of learning to give.

Two simple but strong words describe Jill Donovan perfectly; “passionate“ and “purposeful”.  Jill tells us about her commitment to learning a new skill each year and how the practice motivated her to start her current business.

The various roles Jill held throughout her career lead to the evolution of Rustic Cuff. From talent discovery to corporate enterprise and charitable partnerships. What started in a humble gift closet to a company of over 150 employees and multiple showrooms, Jill hopes to inspire the next generation to always pay it forward by fusing determination and purpose. After all, there is power in learning to give.

Jill is a sought-after motivational speaker who encourages people to pursue their passions, fulfill their God-given purpose, and always pay it forward!  She is often heard saying, “You truly can change your world… one act of kindness at a time.”

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