Come Rain or Shine Episode 240 There is Always a Way with Rani PuranikIn this episode of Come Rain or Shine, guest, Rani Puranik, Co-Owner, Executive Vice President, and Global CFO of Worldwide Oilfield Machine, joins the show to discuss her background, women in leadership, and her new book, 7 Letters to My Daughter. Her experience serves as a great reminder that there is always a way.

A woman of versatile skill, Rani’s pathway has spanned multiple spectrums. Having taken scenic routes to her current roles, Rani explains how each occupational checkpoint contributed to her present-day business acumen. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist keen on empowering other people’s energies, Rani’s “always a way” mentality is part of her strategy to inspire others towards legacy and success.

With the recent launch of her memoir, 7 Letters to My Daughters: Light Lessons of Love, Leadership and Legacy, Rani hopes the unpacking of these critical phases will encourage her readers to passionately pursue their goals. A voice laden with fresh perspective and antidotes, no question, Rani’s journey will resonate with most who aspire towards new endeavors in 2023.

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“Legacy is the ability to impact someone else’s life. It’s empowering them so they can empower their…next generations.”