Come Rain or Shine Episode 256 Josh Liebman

“Recognizing that everything related to hospitality and guest experience can just keep going up is foundational to when looking at your own guest experience and hospitality strategy.“

As an 18-year-old working at Cedar Point, Josh Liebman had an encounter with a coworker that ultimately shaped the way he approached hospitality and guest experience in the attraction industry. The coworker insisted that visitors should be treated as guests, not customers. That realization not only shifted his perspective, but it has stuck with Josh throughout his career.

As he worked for world-renowned attractions like Disney and Universal, he learned the importance of exceeding expectations and providing guests with unforgettable experiences. Now, as a consultant and thought leader, Josh is committed to instilling a hospitality mindset in the industry, ensuring that every guest feels valued and leaves with a lasting impression.

During this conversation we dive into:

  • the vital role guest experience and hospitality play in the attractions industry
  • an employee mentality geared towards providing unmatched hospitality experiences
  • the part leadership takes in developing the full potential of hospitality within your organization
  • the importance of investing in training initiatives for improved customer service standards
  • continual development and refinement within the rapidly-evolving hospitality industry

Make sure to listen to this episode as Josh uncovers the real significance of hospitality in elevating guest experiences and shows us how to cultivate a team mindset. The best way to start is by embracing a culture of excellence and pursue continual development within the rapidly-evolving hospitality industry. Say goodbye to ineffective training programs and hello to happy guests and glowing reviews.

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Episode Highlights

00:04:11 – Mindset of Hospitality

00:08:53 – Training Employees

00:10:48 – Respect for Employees

00:12:07 – The Importance of Training Employees

00:14:12 – Improving Guest Experience

00:15:22 – Living Job Descriptions

00:17:02 – Learning from Mistakes

00:18:04 – Writing a Book