This episode of Come Rain or Shine welcomes Michael Reddington, President of InQuasive and Certified Forensic Interviewer. Michael shares his passion for the security industry and how he has become skilled at uncovering truths by listening. Many say he is an expert at moving people from resistance to commitment.

Michael is no stranger to moments that seem like a coincidence. Even though his has taken the path less traveled, it has all led him to where he is now. He has gone from being a bartender to a retail specialist to a financial advisor. To many people, the road to Michael’s current position has no doubt been scenic. Yet, now many people look up to him for the work he does within security. He hopes to use that influence to help people improve their listening skills to promote psychological safety and empathy at work.

Michael established InQuasive, Inc. to teach people how to activate the truth. A lot of his knowledge comes from his time as a Certified Forensic Interviewer and over 10,000 hours on stage. His business experience has helped create a collection of information large enough to meet the needs of any client.

If you are interested in learning about InQuasive or the importance of uncovering truths by listening, then check out Micheal’s book. His non-confrontational communications technique, The Disciplined Listening Method, is available using the link below.


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