While leadership is an opportunity, it can also be a challenge. As many leaders can attest, how we motivate, how we facilitate, and how we change are all essential responsibilities.

Yet, as a guest, Patty Beach, shares in this episode, how we execute these endeavors is just as important. For instance, we may know how to inspire the right idea; however, if we don’t empower versatile decision-making, corporate alignment to that idea will struggle. Conversely, if diversity and inclusivity are embraced from top to bottom, the strength of teamwork will be more effective.

As Patty explains in her new book, The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership, workplace alignment is just as much art and social science as a social construct. No matter what position you’re in, dare to view best practices as collective visions everyone can engage. Additionally, rather than reacting to a crisis, educate your colleagues to value their potential contributions to the big picture.


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