Come Rain or Shine Episode 257 David Lindsay“Systems and strategies help you raise your vim, vigor and passion for what you do.”

David Lindsay, a dedicated athlete and former fighter, joins to share the vitality hacks to energize your life. He discovered the importance of vitality to improve his energy levels throughout his sports career. As time went on he found that those lessons also extended to his personal and professional life. By creating routines and rituals to snap into action, working in short, intense chunks, and tapping into the power of posture and music all contribute he was able to increase vitality.

David’s journey to understanding the significance of vim, vigor, and passion in everyday life has led him to develop his five-step system to help others elevate their energy and focus, resulting in improved performance in various aspects of their lives.

Take a listen to this episode to hear:

  • David’s 5-step method to revitalize yourself and achieve incredible energy levels
  • the significance of nurturing positive connections with your staff for successful leadership
  • insights into fostering an open-minded and trustworthy team environment
  • the knowledge needed for identifying trustworthy collaborators in today’s competitive market

Many professionals just go through life like they are running on fumes. David uses his expertise in vitality and energy to reveal the steps to improve your energy levels. Don’t miss out on the truth that could change your life, and make sure to share this episode with someone else.

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Episode Highlights

00:02:30 – Vitality

00:05:31 – Coaching Mentality

00:08:12 – Energy and Recovery

00:11:21 – Five Steps to Improve Vitality

00:13:02 – Five Steps Towards Improved Vitality

00:14:07 – The Zingarnic Effect

00:15:33 – The Importance of Napping

00:17:03 – Tapping and Evolving

00:26:26 – Introduction to the Podcast