John Walsh and I are discussing his new venture and what it takes to be a Standout.

From homelessness and a lack of direction to working his way to an executive at Disney to entrepreneur, John’s life experience cultivated an obsession for him: helping students become Standout individuals.

But what does it take to stand out? Is it necessary to take risks? In today’s episode, we are exploring the keys to standing out, how our personal life impacts professional life, and the underlying purpose we all share. We are asking how does holistic success and happiness help us to be our best selves? How does that translate into leadership? And how can we make an impact or a difference in the world?

If you boil it down, to stand out, you have to stand up, even when there isn’t an obvious opportunity in front of you. It is what separates the status quo from success, and it is what the next generation needs to know.


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