Come Rain or Shine podcast Episode 210 You Never Know How Close You Are to Success

In this episode of Come Rain or Shine, Jody Maberry returns to talk about how to do the best you can in a world that continues to change.

As businesses have reopened and travel has increased, we are noticing opportunities are coming back. There is a desire for people to be back together again. This has created the opportunity to connect people in new ways and find new ways to move your business forward.

Each day takes intentional work. When you plan for the future, you take a lot of pressure off of things. It gives yourself more time to o think deeply about the things you want to do. You can improve the quality of the events you want to do and where you want to go. And you can schedule travel far enough out to save money.

The more that Valerie and I have been traveling around the world and working together on projects the more we have found that we help one another plan for success. It’s not always easy and we do have moments that challenge us. By diversifying the people we talk to and the opportunities we take on it allows us to gain new perspectives as we navigate those ups and downs.

Much of the success that Jody and I have seen recently is the outcome of a lot of work done in the days, weeks, and months prior. The book The Referrable Speaker gave me great perspective on the idea of leaving one event with referrals to more. That is important to remember especially on the days you think you’ve done all you can. You never know how close you are to success.




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“Always think about what you can do today that will set you up to be in a great place in the future.”